AI-Based Migraine Prediction and Management Platform

Unmet Need

Migraines inflict a significant toll on patients’ quality of life and the unpredictability of these attacks only adds to the challenge. This chronic condition can manifest as severe, pulsating head pain on one or both sides that can linger for hours or even days. Characterized by intense, throbbing head pain, migraines often persist for hours or days, accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, fatigue, body aches, cognitive impairment, and dizziness. These symptoms disrupt daily life and overall well-being, presenting a substantial challenge to effective management. 


Many people who suffer from migraines feel that the “condition controls them” and they have no control over their lives. Because of the unpredictable nature of the attacks, patients who suffer from migraines are never prepared and often deal with anxiety from the randomness of their attacks.


The economic burden of migraines is substantial. In the United States, migraines afflict more than 40 million individuals. The costs of care are staggering, with an estimated annual cost of $78 billion in direct and indirect expenses. Similarly, in the European Union, where approximately 50 million adults grapple with chronic migraines, the annual loss of productivity ranges from 2 to 7 working days per person, translating to a staggering €95 billion. 


The current approach to migraines management relies heavily on medication, often accompanied by adverse side effects. While lifestyle modifications may offer some relief, they fall short of providing a comprehensive solution.  Medical experts typically recommend active monitoring of the disease to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. Identifying migraines at their earliest stage, known as the prodrome stage, can significantly improve the effectiveness of medications and prevent severe migraine episodes. 

Proposed Solution

Addressing this pressing issue, Wizermed introduces “Migraine Predict,” an innovative AI-driven mobile application poised to revolutionize migraine management. This cutting-edge solution leverages advanced predictive algorithms to forecast migraine episodes with unprecedented accuracy, issuing real-time alerts 24 hours before an impending attack. By empowering users with personalized recommendations based on their physiological data and medical history, “Migraine Predict” empowers users to implement behavioral changes and take prescription medications, according to their physicians’ guidelines, at the optimal time. 


Medical experts emphasize the importance of early migraine detection, particularly during the prodrome stage, to optimize treatment outcomes. “Migraine Predict” facilitates proactive monitoring by identifying subtle physiological changes indicative of an imminent migraine episode, thus enhancing the efficacy of interventions and minimizing symptom severity.  


By offering increased certainty and empowering patients with timely interventions, “Migraine Predict” aims to significantly enhance quality of life for migraine sufferers  and allow them to regain control over their condition. Through continuous usage, the app is anticipated to mitigate the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraine attacks, alleviating the burden on individuals and healthcare systems alike. 


Based on robust scientific research and clinical trials involving extensive smartwatch sensor data analysis, “Migraine Predict” sets a new standard in migraine management. This extensive dataset has been leveraged to develop prediction models using cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. By seamlessly integrating physiological metrics, the app provides users with actionable insights into their migraine risk profile, fostering informed decision-making and proactive symptom management. 


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