TrainPain – Digital Medicine for Chronic Pain

Unmet Need

TrainPain is developing a novel digital treatment for chronic pain, which is one of the greatest health challenges facing humanity. ​ In the U.S. alone, chronic pain affects more than 120 million adults, with an annual cost of over $635B. Development of non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain is high on the global health agenda, and a key component of the NIH strategy for addressing the opioid epidemic.


TrainPain is dedicated to using technological innovation to translate recent pain neuroscience discoveries into practical and inexpensive solutions for patients. The company’s unique technology targets sensory-perceptual processes to reduce pain-related hypersensitivity in the nervous system. The platform integrates wearable hardware with personalized sensory training games, which enable patients to rehabilitate dysfunctional sensory processing. The rehabilitation platform will be available in both virtual reality and smartphone-based formats for maximum accessibility in the clinic and the patient’s home.



Proposed Solution

TrainPain has developed practical and effective tools that address the epidemic of chronic pain. They focus on creating digital experiences that don’t just distract from pain, but rather rehabilitate the underlying dysfunction in the nervous system that perpetuates chronic pain.

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