A neuro-mechanical wearable training device for assessing, treating, and preventing chronic low back pain

Unmet Need

Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) is among the most common medical conditions. CLBP conditions are degenerative and deteriorate over time (20-30 years) leading to prolonged or permanent pain as well as various degrees of disability.


Approximately 70-80% of people experience symptoms at least once in their lifetime, and approximately one quarter of adults in the US report experiencing CLBP. As the prevalence of CLBP is high, its impact on economics and health system is enormous: 52 million health care visits annually, 15 million hospital days (8% of hospital days all causes) and a total annual spend of $50B on chronic LBP treatment in the US.


Current and traditional treatment methods are inadequate, focusing on symptoms mainly rather than on root causes, whether they are targeting drugs, surgeries, or other therapies. Since CLBP is a developing condition based on functional mechanical-kinetic imbalances, a focal symptomatic relief approach is not enough without changing function and preventing deterioration.


There is a need to limit the use of over-prescribed opioids and unnecessary complex surgeries. The ideal is an independent and mechanized solution, efficient, fast, safe, and relatively inexpensive, which requires fewer treatments and allows the option of remote treatment over time.

Proposed Solution

Symetrify, a start-up devoted to Digital Health product solutions for Musculoskeletal malfunctions, develops the L-PACT™, a revolutionary neuro-mechanical wearable training device for assessing, treating, and preventing of spinal kinetic dysfunctions, related to chronic low back pain.


The L-PACT targets the functional mechanical root cause of CLBP by balancing the functional motion of the Lumbo-Pelvic load distribution axis base. It represents a different approach by providing an automatic training solution that addresses the functional-mechanical problem to stop the degenerative process that leads overtime to CLBP.


The L-PACT is a personalized software-based solution addressing the Neuro-Mechanical underlying functional fault. It trains the body’s self-neurological regulation to balance postural kinetic function. Training by the device is an automated, safe, non-invasive and short process, designed to reduce uneven pressure loads on intervertebral discs (IVD), joints, and supporting structures.


The L-PACT technology is based on data-driven AI algorithmics, providing predictive markers for developing low back motion imbalances, for personalized and long-lasting therapeutic effect.


The L-PACT can significantly scale up treatment capacity and efficiency for clinicians and clinics. It increases patient engagement, follow-up, and retention rate, preventing the development and further deterioration of the condition.


The L-PACT will serve as the first-line treatment of choice for self, guided, remote therapy of CLBP.

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