AI-based Tele-rehabilitation
Robotic IOT Solution

Unmet Need

Every year, for millions of new stroke victims, there is a dire and increasing unmet need for rehabilitation. The number of patients is growing significantly faster than the body of qualified therapists who can treat them. Currently, patients are cared for with the traditional one-on-one model of treatment in hospitals, clinics, and at their homes.

Proposed Solution

Skelable’s wearable IoT robot allows for a continuous, personally optimized treatment for stroke patients: from the neuro-stroke hospital department, through rehabilitation clinics, to their homes.


They empower single therapists to treat multiple patients simultaneously in a session. Therapists will be provided with recommendations for the most effective treatment methods to increase effectiveness and reduce patient rehabilitation time, based on Skelable Big Data and our AI.


The Skelable end-to-end solution extends possible locations for treatment beyond the boundaries of hospitals or clinics.

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