Data-driven Healthcare Visibility & Automation

Unmet Need

Hospitals are constantly wasting money, with around $1T annually wasted in the USA alone. Much of the waste stems from failures in proper logistical management, ranging from operational to equipment, and inefficient management of large hospital staff.


One reason for this waste stems from lack of data and insights,  causing sub-optimal hospital logistics. Data is either not accessible, non-existent, or not recorded at all, preventing hospitals from cutting unnecessary costs and making data-driven decisions.


Proposed Solution

Developed within the healthcare ecosystem, the QLog system optimizes equipment utilization, minimizes medication and equipment loss and waste, provides complete process visibility, and significantly improves efficiency and patient safety.


An ultra-lightweight RTLS (real-time locating system) enables effortless tracking of equipment, medical supplies, and patients, and real-time mapping for cost optimization and fraud reduction.


Based on innovative, lightweight mobile and cloud technologies, their system doesn’t require hardware or installation, making it an ideal solution for resource-poor and remote environments.


Currently adopted and recommended by over 25 healthcare institutions in Israel, QLOG Technologies is expanding its impact to help improve healthcare organizations worldwide.

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