Virtual staining system using a unique combination of hardware and deep learning models

Unmet Need

Today, the process of testing lab samples in hospitals and pathology laboratories is both lengthy and expensive. The current market for Immunohistochemistry (laboratory method that checks for antigens in tissues via antibodies) is evaluated between $3-4B annually, with a CAGR of 8%.

Proposed Solution

PatoolAI’s solution is a system that combines hyperspectral tissue imaging with deep learning algorithms to perform a “virtual stain” on the tissue. This solution would enable quick and inexpensive laboratory level tests to be conducted during surgery, opening up a new market for intraoperative laboratory testing.


The “virtual stain” consists of staining based on an image processing algorithm instead of histochemical strains performed in laboratories today. The PatoolAI system will enable pathologists to make decisions in real time, as opposed to the current labs which take several hours to processes samples. Additionally, the costs of virtual staining is significantly lower than the laboratory staining, while allowing for multiple stains using the same slice of tissue.

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