Olive Diagnostics

The world’s first 100% passive,
non-invasive urinalysis device for
home use

Unmet Need

Urinalysis is one of the most used diagnostics employed today for diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of medical conditions. Unfortunately, urinalysis is limited to lab testing and a variety of inaccurate, unsanitary, and inconvenient home methods. Current in-home chemical-based urinalyses have a 50% accuracy rate with 20% compliance by the end-user after the first month.


Due to lack of consistent testing and data capture, patients and doctors can’t accurately determine patient health through regular urine testing, limiting the patient to inconvenient in-lab visits or simply waiting until they feel ill.

Proposed Solution

The device is mounted on the rim of the toilet providing the end-user with a passive, non-invasive urinalysis that will not change their lifestyle or habits. The sensor detects the composition of the urine and sends the data to the cloud. AI algorithms then process the sample findings along with the user’s historical data to detect trends.


The findings are sent back to the user via a mobile application. The biomarker data is also sent directly to the EHR (Electronic Health Record) system for physician and provider accessibility. The medical community will garner a tremendous amount of data from both healthy and unhealthy individuals with the ability to provide preventative measures vs. curing disease.

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