Large-scale Autonomous
Neuro-monitoring for Surgery

Unmet Need

Spine, head, and other surgeries involve risks for nerve injuries, leading to paralysis and to other severe neurological complications.


These risks are greatly alleviated by neuromonitoring, the only tool to evaluate neurological functioning during surgery.


Neuromonitoring offers real-time alerts during the course of surgery, allowing the surgeon to make informed decisions to avoid neural injuries and neurological disabilities.


Today, neuromonitoring requires an additional professional in the operating room – an expert neurophysiologist – who is a limited and expensive resource.

​Proposed Solution

Nervio is developing an innovative, autonomous, intraoperative neuromonitoring solution, for replacing human expertise with artificial intelligence.


The system offers real-time alerts and clinical recommendations during the course of surgery. Our solution utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and advanced clinical intelligence.


Nervio is aiming to make neuromonitoring accessible and affordable for any operating room worldwide, making surgeries safer.

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