Non-invasive and comprehensive prenatal genetic screening

Unmet Need

Birth defects are inborn errors of development, which include any structural or functional anomaly with effects on physical, intellectual, and social wellbeing. Birth defects represent a considerable and increasing clinical and public health challenge due to their worldwide impact on population health.  


Collectively, major birth defects occur in 4-8 of 100 live births worldwide, which translates into an estimated 8.5 million affected babies each year. In the US alone, the cost of care during a single year is estimated at $3 billioniv, along with considerable indirect and lifelong personal and societal costs. Finally, many birth defects critically affect infant and childhood survival rates. 

Proposed Solution

IdentifAI developed a unique technology for complete fetal genetic sequencing from maternal blood. The solution is based on standard sequencing results (obtained from any sequencing service provider) and utilizing a proprietary algorithm + advanced software – separates the fetal and maternal genome creating two complete sequencesThis allows for early detection of genetic disorders which exceeds the capabilities of existing NIPT (Noninvasive Prenatal Testing) by magnitudes of order, with precision rates of approx. 99%.     

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