Developing the first AI-based system for personalized sedative drug administration

Unmet Need

Today, millions of patients undergo sedative drug administration procedures in the epidural space. The drug administration practice is based on a subjective process that relies on outdated protocols, that do not take into account all of the relevant physiologic parameters which influence the drug absorption pattern along the spinal cord. Thus, severe life-threatening side effects and pain are associated with today’s procedures.

Proposed Solution

The company is devloping the first AI-based system, for a personalized sedative drug administration. The system enables elimination of severe side effects which are caused due to over-dosing or under-dosing of the drug throughout the entire injection period.


This state-of-the-art solution, enables a significant reduction of life-threatening side effects and pain. The system is based on a sophisticated sensor array and learning algorithms, that will replace the manual outdated procedures and will provide a personalized drug administration solution, in a simple and a cost-effective manner.

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