Brain-training for Healthy Mobility

Unmet Need

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans aged 65+ falls each year, resulting in over 3 million ER visits due to injury. The annual medical costs for older adult falls are expected to grow from $60 billion in 2019 to$76 billion by 2025.

Proposed Solution

By providing measurable, significant, and repeatable improvements to motor-cognitive function, GaitBetter is a cutting-edge solution for gait rehabilitation and fall prevention.


Their semi-immersive virtual reality experience combined with any treadmill may prevent up to 80% of falls and provides more effective treatment in a shorter-period of time than any other existing modality. GaitBetter transforms any existing treadmill into a smart, personalized, safe and fun gait training system.


Clients can practice real-life scenarios such as walking on busy city streets, avoiding puddles, walking in low light conditions, and responding to distractions. GaitBetter enables therapists to fully personalize training through our VR system.


This leads to fast and sustainable improvements in gait and cognitive skills, increased self-confidence, and reduced risk of falls. GaitBetter provides multiple benefits especially for gait rehabilitation which stems from aging, high risk for falls, functional deterioration, balance issues, Parkinson & MS, stroke survivors, partial spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, post fractures, joint replacement, amputations, soft tissues injuries.

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