Derma Detect

AI-driven technology that enables machine-based analysis of skin conditions

Unmet Need

A shortage of dermatologists, a growth in world population, and an increasing demand for dermatology care is leaving patients with unmet medical needs and healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies with billions of dollars in long term costs.

Proposed Solution

DermaDetect is a proprietary AI-driven technology that paves the way for a new standard in Tele-Medicine. This asynchronous diagnostic model significantly increases access to dermatological care. By delivering remote triage services, and improved diagnostic accuracy their technology allows for improved health care with a significant reduction in long term costs.


This unique skin diagnostics capability can be seamlessly integrated into any dermatological disciplines that require skin diagnostics capabilities. In addition to DermaDetect, they have launched DermaAssess and DermaManag,e which are based on the same disruptive technology, and are currently developing additional products.

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