Automating operational workflows to improve financial outcomes across healthcare

Unmet Need

The patient adherence workflow includes a report with a diagnosis and recommendation written by the radiologist, the report being sent to the referring physician, and the referring physician communicating a follow-up recommendation to the patient.


The current system yields low patient follow-up, due to reasons such as the referring physician not communicating the recommendation to the patient, loss of information during handover between physicians, or the patient failing to schedule or show up for the follow-up. 50% of patients do not complete their follow-ups, and healthcare organizations want to change that.


Proposed Solution

Better follow-up rates mean more patient scans and procedures, as well as an opportunity to reduce patient leakage — both of which can drive significant additional revenue. Agamon makes it easy for radiology providers to bring more patients back for follow-up exams and early detection screenings.


The Agamon Coordinate platform automates the follow-up process end-to-end — from detecting actionable findings in radiology reports, to notifying the right people at the right time, and finally tracking follow-up adherence to ensure patients receive the follow-up care they need. With Agamon, you can close the loop on imaging exams and manage early detection programs at scale — without a Care Coordinator.

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