Introducing eHealth Ventures

Introducing eHealth Ventures

Unique, Early Stage Digital Health Fund, Optimizing Venture Building

Founded in 2014, eHealth Ventures was launched to find, fund, and grow promising early-stage Israeli digital health companies, and is backed by international investors and strategic partners. The eHealth Ventures portfolio consists of 30 companies, all of which were founded and developed in Israel.

Prior to founding eHealth, Talor Sax, CEO and managing partner of eHealth Ventures, spent a decade working with various healthcare systems in the United States and Europe, and identified a series of technological gaps in comparison to the advancements of the Israeli health care system.  Oftentimes in the US, patients and insurance companies are paying heavily into the healthcare systems, but there are still significant shortcomings in the quality of patient care.

With partners in the US, Europe, Asia and Israel, eHealth Ventures bridges the innovation gap within US-based healthcare systems by introducing Israeli technology into the market.

“Israel is ground zero for developing digital health technologies.” shares Talor Sax. “The Israeli public health system is one of the best public health systems in the world, and the synergy between the spirit of Israeli innovation and the health economy of the Israeli systems makes Israel the best place in the world to develop innovative digital health technologies.”

As of 2024, eHealth Ventures is one of Israel’s leading, most active, early-stage digital health funds specializing in Seed / early A staged investment rounds. eHealth Ventures also runs an incubator program for promising early stage startups and healthcare technology companies to leverage significant non-dilutive funding from the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), the governmental body responsible for the startup ecosystem within Israel.

The core of eHealth Ventures portfolio companies and innovation is targeted at  tangible pain points felt by everyday patients and healthcare providers. For example, AccuLine Medical is developing a non-invasive test for the early detection of heart attacks, which is a significantly more accurate, accessible and cheaper  alternative to angiograms, the current solution available on the market today.

Select portfolio companies have already achieved clinical validation and initiated commercial sales in the United States. Gaitbetter’s platform utilizes AI technology to treat patients who need fall prevention and gait training rehabilitation. EFA Technologies is a portable blood test machine (performing a Complete Blood Count – CBC, automatically and within 3 minutes) – that increases accessibility and affordability for patients who would have difficulty getting their blood work done.

Ophir Shahaf, Partner, shared, “We are proud to see many of our portfolio companies maturing and delivering the promise of innovative HealthTech solutions to the markets in need. The immense pressure of care costs and evidence-based medicine coupled with severe inequality between large urban medical centers and more rural, remote points of care – proves that digital health technology is the key to improving healthcare as we know it, and the deal flow we are seeing from Israel and overseas puts us in a great position towards fulfillment of this promise”

eHealth Ventures optimizes venture building by creating growth opportunities, both through their exceptional team and through their active health oriented partners who provide direct access to healthcare markets, including  Maccabi Healthcare Services, Amgen Ventures, Medison, and HHG – the largest hospital chain in Greece. In addition to their partners, eHealth Ventures collaborates with strategic heavy hitters including Mayo Clinic, Assuta Hospital, and Bayit Balev Medical Group.

Their portfolio is composed of over 30 digital health startups after having reviewed over 1,800  companies and runs the gamut of digital health startups, ranging from SaaS healthcare logistics platforms to wearables, digital therapy, and diagnostic devices.

About eHealth Ventures

The eHealth Ventures partnership is a leading investor in early-stage digital health companies.
It includes 2 VC funds and a technological incubator with an exclusive focus on digital health and significant government non-dilutive funding. Partners include Maccabi (a leading Israeli HMO), Amgen (global biotech giant), the Mayo Clinic, Medison Ventures, Arad Investments, and the Hadar Group. The team has reviewed over 1,650 companies to date and invested in a portfolio of 24 highly innovative companies (digital diagnostics, therapeutics, home care and Bioconvergence).

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