eHealth Ventures Invests in ToDX

eHealth Ventures Invests in ToDX

eHealth Ventures is proud to announce its latest portfolio investment in ToDX, an at-home syndromic PCR grade diagnostic platform. 


A variety of pathogens can present identical symptoms, making it difficult for patients and even physicians to accurately identify the causative agent based on symptoms alone. Molecular testing remains the definitive way to determine the source and devise the appropriate treatment plan. 


PCR testing stands as a highly precise method for detecting active infections in patients, yet the process can be both costly and complex. It involves scheduling an appointment, traveling to a clinic or lab, and enduring potentially long waits to submit a sample. Such requirements are particularly challenging for those living in areas remote from these facilities. The need to send samples to a distant central laboratory further prolongs the process. Consequently, the entire cycle—from the onset of testing need to the delivery of results—can extend over several days. 


Addressing this gap, ToDx offers an innovative solution that redefines convenience and efficiency in molecular testing. Their test is designed for at-home use, allowing patients to take control of their health in the privacy and comfort of their own surroundings. The syndromic approach ensures comprehensive testing, covering a wide range of pathogens that could be responsible for the observed symptoms. The process is private, fast, and delivers PCR-grade accuracy, offering a superior alternative to traditional testing methods. Moreover, the simplicity of the operation echoes that of a COVID-19 antigen test, making it accessible and user-friendly. With ToDx, the journey from recognizing the need for a test to obtaining precise results is significantly streamlined. 


The initial clinical implementation of this at-home syndromic diagnostic platform will be an STD panel, identifying Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis. Following this, the platform will expand to incorporate a Human Papillomavirus (HPV) strain panel and an Upper Respiratory Infections Panel 


ToDX has been approved for funding by the IIA (Israeli Innovation Authority) under the classification of “Bio-Convergence”, a multidisciplinary segment within healthcare tech where innovation is created through a synergy between biotech, engineering, and computerized systems. ToDx imagines a world where testing and monitoring your health is as easy and accessible as taking your temperature. 


Co-Founders Gil Harari and Noam Mamet share their excitement on joining the incubator and on the potential of the company: “eHealth Ventures aligns seamlessly with our vision, leveraging their wealth of experience in digital health and telemedicine. Their deep understanding of market strategy and business growth fortifies our confidence. The opportunity to collaborate with prestigious incubator partners, such as Maccabi’s Mega Lab, Mayo Clinic’s Laboratories, and Medison Pharma’s subsidiary Sabar Health, truly exhilarates us. At ToDx, we’re thrilled to unite these powerhouses to provide reliable, cost-effective home-based rapid syndromic diagnostics”  


eHealth Ventures is thrilled to announce their new promising addition to the “Bio-Convergent” portfolio. Yossi Lovton, CTO at eHealth Ventures, shares: “We are delighted to introduce a truly exceptional team to the eHealth Ventures family. In the COVID-19 era, home testing has matured, achieving both widespread acceptance and pinpoint accuracy. The ToDX panel offers tests for three different sexually transmitted diseases within a single procedure, responding effectively to the growing global incidence of these conditions. With ToDX, we are presenting a streamlined and all-encompassing solution to a pressing health concern.” 



For more information:  

Gil Harari, Co-Founder: gil.harari@gmail.com 

Noam Mamet, Co-Founder: nmamet@gmail.com 


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