eHealth Ventures Invests in SmarTest, Targeting Huge...

eHealth Ventures Invests in SmarTest, Targeting Huge Pre-Diabetic Market

eHealth Ventures is excited to announce its latest portfolio investment in SmarTest, an at-home glucose monitor for prediabetic patients. 


This device has the potential to fill a growing need, as more than 96 million adults are currently living with prediabetes. The number of diabetes patients is expected to double by 2030, creating a strong imperative for mass adoption of preventative diabetes practices. One practice that can prevent prediabetic patients from developing full-blown diabetes is the monitoring of blood glucose.  


Addressing this issue, the SmarTest product is a one-time-use glucose test, intuitive and simple to operate, with results automatically transferred from the device to an accompanying app on the user’s phone. The test has the same precision as a regular glucose monitor and is administered through their patented needle mechanism which is less painful than traditional blood testing needles.  


SmarTest, under the guidance of CTO Eliezer Anavi, will enable these blood tests for a wide population to be completed at home at a low cost. The test will be available over the counter with immediate results, giving blood-testing access to users who do not have easy access to laboratories or doctors.  


Dr. Joseph Rosenblum, Medical director at eHV, shares his excitement: “Medicine in general is moving home. The ability to perform simple and low-cost screening tests with minimal medical supervision is very attractive. The days in which AI-based systems will start providing guide-line-based recommendations are around the corner, and SmarTest provides the technology that will allow affordable, easy-to-use, self-monitoring tests.” 



For more information: 


Eliezer Anavi, CTO eliezeranavi@gmail.com 

SmarTest Ltd.  

Ophir Shahaf, Partner ophir@ehv.health 

eHealth Ventures 

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