eHealth Ventures Invests in NimBio, Enabling Remote...

eHealth Ventures Invests in NimBio, Enabling Remote Personalized Care for Immune-Mediated Diseases

eHealth Ventures is proud to invest in its most recent portfolio company NimBio, which is creating a remote solution for patients with Immune-mediated diseases (IMIDs).  


IMIDs are a growing global health problem, affecting millions of people every year. Over $330B is spent annually in the United States on patients who are suffering from IMIDs such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) alone. Early identification of inflammatory episodes and timely treatment optimization can significantly improve patient outcome, thereby significantly reducing overall treatment costs.  


The number of patients diagnosed with IMIDs continues to rise every year, creating both a greater need for accessible treatment and a financial incentive to lower both direct and indirect health costs. In order to address these growing demands, NimBio is creating a therapeutic solution guided by readily available inflammatory biomarkers and delivered by a digital non-invasive, passive, continuous measurement. 


NimBio is developing an AI-based disease management platform that aims to prevent flareups and reduce patient readmissions. NimBio’s solution provides patients with a non-invasive wearable device that provides continuous measurements of inflammatory biomarkers, and accordingly improves IMIDs care. Following a successful clinical proof-of-concept study in IBD patients, NimBio is currently preparing for an upcoming clinical study, with the goal of algorithm training and calibration using patient data. 


Combining data from the patients’ inflammatory biomarkers and electronic medical records, the platform can alert the patient and physician of an upcoming flareup. Once a flareup does occur, NimBio’s platform identifies it early allowing work up of its cause—either treatment failure or poor medical adherence—and offers guided therapeutic recommendations in real time. After a flareup episode, the NimBio platform aims to optimize patient treatment through their proprietary AI algorithm.  


NimBio is headed by CEO Tal Atarot and CMO Prof. Emeritus Yehuda Chowers, a key opinion leader in IBD. Tal Atarot shared excitement about joining the eHealth Ventures incubator: “Our mission is to transform the treatment of IMIDs from reactive, episodic, and population-based care to proactive, longitudinal and personalized remote care. This investment from eHealth Ventures and the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA)  following previous investment from Amnon Bar-Lev, Nir Kalkstein and Ron Levkovich, will allow NimBio to accelerate the development of its core technology, the world’s first wearable ‘inflammometer’.” 


eHealth Ventures’ VP of Business Development, Ophir Shahaf: “We have great belief in NimBio, its team, and its innovative technology which answers a real market problem. The initial proof of concept the company has presented is very impressive and we look forward to a clinical study that will be a significant step toward commercialization of this groundbreaking solution. 



For more information: 

Tal Atarot, NimBio CEO | tal.atarot@nimbio.ai 

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