eHealth Ventures Invests in AccuLine, a Non-invasive...

eHealth Ventures Invests in AccuLine, a Non-invasive Assessment for Early Detection of Heart Attacks

eHealth Ventures is proud to announce its latest investment in portfolio company AccuLine, who is developing CORA— an accurate fast and non-invasive exam for the early detection of heart attacks. 


Heart attacks are caused by coronary artery disease (CAD) and are the number one cause of death globally, with more than 16 million annual heart attacks. Early and accurate detection of CAD is an important clinical challenge, as at present, physicians have limited front line tools to detect CAD. Current methods are either inaccurate (ECG),very costly (CT) or highly invasive (Angiogram).


AccuLine is developing an innovative cardiac exam, which detects 2 new biomarker the company discovered, based on patented enhanced waveform display and AI-powered algorithms analyzing the electric activity of the heart. CORA can provide an accurate diagnosis of the patients’ heart condition, while improving monitoring efficiency, minimizing health risks, and lowering costs. 


The AccuLine technology behind the early detection for patients with coronary artery disease has been validated in clinical trials. CORA has a sensitivity rate of over 90% and can be conducted in under two minutes. Because of the simple and quick nature of the exam, CORA is convenient and can be performed anywhere by any medical staff personnel, and the results are provided immediately. 


AccuLine is led by an impressive team, developing a clinically backed solution and is currently working to launch a multicenter clinical trial in late 2022.


Moshe Barel, co-founder and CEO of AccuLine, shares his excitement on joining the eHV incubator: “We are very happy that eHealth Ventures chose to invest in AccuLine, and we look forward to working together with the eHV team and their partners to bring a novel solution for a huge unmet need, with the potential to save the lives of millions of patients worldwide, while decreasing tremendous related healthcare costs.”

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